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External Wall, Roof & House Cladding Scotland

When it comes to exterior finishes for homes and businesses, Castle Coatings Scotland Ltd do it all. External cladding is the material applied the final layer on both your walls and roof on the outside of your house. Although this simple explanation works for a basic understanding, there are many different house cladding materials and application options to choose from. Read on to get a better picture of all your cladding options when it comes to renovating, revitalising and re-creating your home to look it’s very best.

External house cladding Scotland
Roof cladding Scotland
"My 90 year old mothers’ roof has just been cleaned, repaired and coated by James from Castle - it is a fantastic job, her 68 year old roof looks brand new. Gordon Steele, Airdrie.."
Gordon Steele, Airdrie
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What is external wall cladding?

The term external wall cladding refers to the protective material that is installed on the exterior of your building to protect it from weathering and decorate it. External wall cladding can also increase insulation by providing a barrier against heat loss. This can help you save money on energy bills and use less resources to keep your house toasty warm in the cold months. Therefore, proper external wall cladding in Scotland makes sense from an environmental perspective too.

As homes age, their external wall cladding is often damaged or show signs of wear and tear. This can create problems because this outside cover is such an essential part of maintaining the entire building. Any breach in the cladding provides an opportunity for water, dirt, or even organic growths like moss, algae and mould to infiltrate your house. If these signs begin to appear, your external cladding needs to be repaired or replaced to function as intended.

What is roof cladding?

Roof cladding consists of protective materials used to cover a roof on the very outer layer. There are many different types of roof cladding, including wood, tile, composite, shiplap, shingles, slate, aluminium extrusions, copper, felt or zinc.

A variety of factors should be taken into account when selecting the type best roof cladding to use on a roof in Scotland. These include functionality, design preference and of course cost. Experienced external cladding companies who provide roof cladding repair or installation services in Scotland like ourselves, can help you determine the best type for your property and circumstances.

What is exterior cladding used for?

Exterior cladding is a material that is mainly intended to be a decorative finish on the exterior of a building. However, it also serves more essential purposes that have nothing to do with how your home looks. Exterior cladding adds protection from weather, provides insulation, and protects the materials below from water damage and structural wear and tear. Cladding can cover just about anything from metal sheeting to plasterboard. In some cases, it is used as a finish for brickwork. 

In some cases, the front of a house has a different type or colour of covering material than the back and sides. This is purely a design option and serves no practical purpose.

Benefits of external wall cladding

External wall cladding is used to improve the appearance of a building and increase it’s thermal efficiency. It improves the energy efficiency of a home’s exterior by creating an airtight space between the insulation and outside surface. This air barrier helps to contain heat from the inside of the building, reducing the building’s energy consumption. It makes it much more difficult for outside cold air to infiltrate the house too. We must point out that external wall cladding only adds insulation properties and is no substitute for proper home insulation.

Besides energy efficiency, external wall cladding provides strength to the structure it is installed on. It protects the walls from physical damage, therefore protecting everything inside it. Every single element that could affect any building has a harder time making changes to your home if the right type of wall cladding is installed. Wall cladding is an extremely low maintenance  surface as well, coming with long term guarantees.

Another thing that external cladding protects you from is insects, external wall cladding has been proven to be an effective way to keep creepy crawlies outside your house. 

Benefits of roof cladding

Roof cladding is an important and versatile long term investment for your property. It offers a variety of benefits, which are quite similar to those provided by external wall cladding. Like wall cladding, it protects your roof from damage from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains and winds. It also protects the interior walls of your home from water leakage by making sure the water runs off and away from the structure of your roof and home.

Types of external wall cladding

There are a variety of materials to choose from when deciding what type of external wall cladding to have installed on your house. It is important to consider factors such as your type of house, budget and which cladding will require the least maintenance before making a final decision. For example, wooden cladding may be a good choice for larger homes in terms of cost, however, they do not stand up as well to bad weather conditions, so if you live on the coastline, you may want to go for composite or uPVC cladding.

Our experienced team of external cladding installers are on hand to explain which material is best for your home depending if it’s made from stone, brick, or concrete and how it’s been built. Metal and glass cladding are used in upscale commercial buildings but rarely for residential properties.

Types of roof cladding

Roof cladding comes in a variety of unique materials suitable for different building structures and styles. One of the most affordable options is asphalt shingles, however, they are frequently not used in parts of Scotland that get more extreme weather and cold. Other choices include a variety of different metals like steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, tiles, and slate.

External wall cladding installers Scotland

When you need to revitalise your house, much like exterior wall coating, having new external wall cladding installed is a great option. Our the team of external wall cladding installers in Scotland have plenty expertise and successful installs to ensure your installation goes smoothly. Alongside choosing the best suited material for your house, installation is absolutely vital. Poor installation can lead to a huge range of issues, including damp, rot and shrinkage.  

Look for a professional well established company with a strong track record and customer satisfaction.

Roof cladding installers Scotland

Castle Coatings (Scotland) Ltd are easily amongst the best roof cladding installers in Scotland. Given our experience with roof coating, roof cleaning and uPVC roofline, decorating roofs is our speciality!

Any work being completed on your roof requires an experienced, professional team that offers your complete peace of mind. Your roof is your homes most important point of protection against rain and bad weather. Wise roof cladding installation means a longer lasting and stronger shield for your home.


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