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External Rendering East Lothian

External rendering is among a large number of different types of finishes for the exterior walls of any building, external rendering
in¬†East Lothian¬†is the more popular choice with people looking for a modern design. Made of concrete and other porous materials, external rendering offers protection from the elements coupled with a smooth stylish finish which can be painted or coated in a range of attractive colours. If you have the budget, it is a premium option to consider if you contact a roughcasting and rendering company when it’s time to upgrade your homes exterior.

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What is external rendering?

External rendering is the process of applying a smooth stylish exterior layer to the outside of your house or commercial¬†building to protect against water infiltration and other elements. This process prevents moisture¬†from accumulating on the outside of the wall, reduces air leaks, and provides long term¬†protection and an aseptically pleasing finish that lasts. The purpose of external rendering goes¬†beyond waterproofing, however. It is more of an aesthetic choice as the material creates a smooth¬†and consistent finish that’s far more attractive than other render options. Simply put, with external rendering your home will look better than most of the other houses on the street.

Types of external render

In the building industry, external render is one of the more premium types of finishing for the outside of properties. External render can be used to create a number of looks depending on the colour and texture chosen. The following options are the most common external rendering types available in the UK market today:

Acrylic Render

The acrylic aggregate in this type of external rendering creates a unique finish that many homeowners prefer. It also provides an effective sealant factor to help prevent water damage. Some are blended with silicone for added beneficial properties.

Silicon Render including K Rend

Silicon and specifically K Rend is the most popular external render in East Lothian because it is readily available, easy to apply, low-maintenance, and comes in a variety of attractive colours. You do not need to paint the exterior it afterward but you can if you want to spruce things up down the road with a change of colour or to simply freshen things up.

Scratch Render

As the name implies, the finished surface of this type of external render looks scratched or rough¬†almost like natural stone. This is even more apparent when you are close up or touch it. It is primarily made from cement and often mixed on-site at the property itself due to it’s properties and how they need to be applied. This type of rendering requires several coats and special treatment in¬†between with scoring and roughing of the surface to ensure everything adheres properly. Material¬†costs are relatively low but labour is more expensive due to the extra time required to install it compared to other types of render which can be applied in one layer.

Roughcast Render

This traditional rendering method provides the best protection against weather damage and gives a unique and old fashioned appearance seen frequently throughout East Lothian. The makeup of roughcast render includes larger aggregate than other options. This can be stone chips, coarse sand, or other materials usually mixed with lime and some modern ingredients. At the end result is rough and natural looking
with a very sturdy protective effect. If installed correctly and maintained well roughcast render can last several decades!

Other Smooth Render

Besides the options listed above, there are other smooth finish external render finishes. These include render made with different polymers and other modern materials as well as ones using primarily lime or clay. This type of rendering is often finished with exterior paint that smooths out the texture of the other materials underneath.

Signs your house needs rendered

When you notice your exterior walls are retaining moisture, cracked or a little off in colour it is usually because something is wrong with them. The paint on your walls is peeling, there are cracks forming in the surface, and it seems as if water is seeping through and causing discolouration. If you notice mould, algae or moss growth, it is definitely time for some professional attention. 

Any homeowner who pays attention can tell that something is wrong with the exterior façade. Your best bet is to have an external rendering company in East Lothian complete a home survey as soon as possible to prevent more serious issues. The last thing you want to do is wait until you have damage that causes leaks and requires structural repair.

Benefits of external rendering

The benefits of external render has already been stated above, here is a list of bullet points to make them easier to digest:

*Long Term Guarantee.

*Stylish Modern Design.

*Huge Choice Of Colours & Material.

*Weatherproof protection from the elements.

*Easy To Maintain With Some Exterior Paint and Small Repairs.

A variety of render colours can be used to create a unique look for your home. Best of all, top quality rendering materials last for twenty years or more. Regardless if you choose an aesthetically pleasing neutral shade or one that includes colour, you do not have to paint the outside of your home for decades.

Hiring a rendering company in East Lothian

Professional rendering companies are ready to take on your project and make your home look like new again. We will provide high-quality functional and attractive renderings, which will save you time and money in the long run. Best of all, you get the peace of mind knowing that
your property is protected from the harsh effects of weather and other environmental factors.

Cost to render the outside of your house

As with any work done on your home, external rendering in East Lothian comes with a wide variety of factors that determine the final cost. The majority of the cost is based on the size and shape of your house, other factors include the condition of the walls and if any repair needs to be done first, what type of coating, render or paint is already there, and other labour factors. Material costs of the actual render vary depending on what finish you select. Labour costs depend not only on time spent, but also different conditions and ease of access to all of the walls and what type of scaffold is required if any.

External render company East Lothian

When the time comes to replace or complete your first application of external render, choose the installer very carefully! Castle Coatings (Scotland) Ltd has years of experience and a solid reputation as a family run business with a strong track record. Renovating the exterior of your property is what we do, Let us make Your Home, Your Castle!


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