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Roughcasting Moray

Roughcasting is the most popular type of external render applied to houses in Moray. When you are deciding what type of render to use on the external surface of your home or other commercial building, roughcasting in Moray will always be the most popular option. It has been used on Scottish homes for centuries and is especially effective for its ability to withstand our harsh weather especially in coastal regions.

Before you make a decision about what type of professionally applied exterior coating your walls deserve, take some time to learn more about what roughcasting is and the benefits it provides for the appearance, protection and maintenance of your property.

Roughcasters can have a reputation for not being very reliable, choosing a well established company like Castle Coatings (Scotland) Ltd offers you complete peace of mind that your home is in good hands!

Before roughcasting clear coat in Denny, Scotland
After roughcast wash and coating in Denny, Scotland
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What is roughcasting?

The term roughcasting refers to the process of applying a specific type of render onto a wall. This coating creates a rough finish because it includes gravel or other aggregate in the mix. Unlike pebble dash, in which small stones are thrown at the wall after the plaster is applied, roughcasting comes in a fully mixed product with a single application process. Roughcasting is pretty much exclusively used for exterior surfaces, but on rare occasions has some applications on the interior walls of a building.

Roughcasting may not always look as “pretty” as external rendering and other exterior wall coating treatments, however, it is extremely effective. This is the reason roughcasting is the most popular material applied on homes in Moray. No other product protects your home from the elements and provides as much insulation. 

Roughcast used to be known as wet dash and in some parts of Moray it’s referred to as harling. There is literally no difference between harling and roughcasting, it just depends which part of Moray you live in. Most people who live in the North of Scotland and on the East Coast call it harling and everyone else says roughcasting.

Benefits of roughcasting your house

If you are looking to build a new home or renovate your current one, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the number of decisions you need to make. One important decision is deciding whether or not you should roughcast your exterior walls. Roughcasting isn’t always the most appealing in terms of aesthetics, however, in terms of protection from elemental damage it is by far the best option. 

A roughcast exterior offers a variety of insulation benefits too. You can also add external wall insulation known as EWI, which will increase the value of your property as well as improved temperature, comfort and soundproofing. Due to it’s popularity, it is very likely roughcasting will make your home blend into your street well, matching other houses in the neighbourhood that you live in. It is also a popular choice for historical buildings.

The most significant benefits of roughcasting however, come from the protective properties that it provides. The sturdy material which contains aggregates which protect from any physical damage . Also, the greater surface area due to the rough texture allows for easier moisture dispersal and evaporation. Since water damage is one of the leading causes of home exterior problems, this is highly advantageous especially in Moray.


Signs your roughcast render needs replaced

One of the most important things to look for when it comes to maintaining your property is assessing your exterior walls and surfaces. Examining your roughcast coating regularly helps you to spot problems before they get more serious. The earlier you call in professional roughcasters to repair or replace your roughcast, the better it is for your property overall.

But what are the signs that your old roughcast render needs to be replaced?

*Cracks, chips, and separation in any part of the roughcast render.

*Exposed aggregate that is not connected to the rest of the material.

*Spaces or gaps between the roughcast and the underlying structure.

*Brickwork expansion or separation.

*Efflorescence, which is a discolouration of the surface. (mainly white in colour)

Roughcasting vs Wall Coating, what's the difference?

As already explained, roughcast render is a type of wall covering used on the exterior of homes and other buildings. The biggest difference between roughcast and wall coating is that roughcasting has obvious rough aggregate and wall coating is a smooth spray on material. Most wall coatings have a smoother surface and include ingredients specifically focused on waterproofing, preventing mould and fungus growth abatement, and more.

Roughcast render is more likely to have more than one layer and is not as breathable as other exterior wall coating.

Roughcast cleaning and coating

We also offer a roughcast cleaning service as well as exterior painting and coating to restore it back to life. Our roughcasting cleaning is completed by power wash, other products can also be applied such as biocide washes that have anti fungal properties.

As far as exterior painting and wall coating in concerned, we can carry out an inspection of your existing roughcast, completing any necessary repairs and then applying exterior paint or coating to give it a fresh new look.

Roughcast colours Moray

Roughcasting colours in Moray that are commonly used on residential buildings usually stick to a neutral palette. Off-white, greys, tans, and taupes are most common. You can also find yellow, peach, pale blue, and pale green on some homes. Sometimes the colour is added to the base itself while other roughcast products get the majority of their colour from the aggregate contained within the mix. Many have multiple colours of gravel and stone chips, these mix together for a more unique final appearance.

How much to roughcast a house in Moray?

General prices to roughcast a house in Moray range anywhere from approximately £2000 anywhere up to £10,000. The wide discrepancy is the result of many factors that it is impossible to estimate in a basic article. How big is your house? How many stories does it have? Are there any unusual, awkward, or in accessible architectural details that would make life difficult for the roughcasters doing the work?

All of these questions need to be asked before the a professional roughcasting company gives you an accurate quotation to consider. It is also important to understand that this is not the type of job that can be completed in the course of one afternoon. It may takes several days or even weeks to complete depending on the size, complexity, and weather conditions in your part of Scotland.

Full house roughcasted in Blackwood, South Lanarkshire

Hiring a roughcasting company in Moray

How do you decide what roughcasting company in Moray to choose? As with any important decision that has to do with the protection of your home, it takes time and effort to properly research your service provider.

After all, roughcasting is one of the home improvement projects that is commonly carried our badly. The first step in making this choice involves asking around to see if family members, friends, or neighbours have worked with a roughcasting company in the past. If not, look online for companies with strong independent reviews. Companies that have been around for a while and have a strong track record are always a safer bet than newly established companies yet to face certain challenges.

Ultimately, you want to choose a roughcasting company that consistently completed work to the highest standard and does so with the utmost professionalism at an affordable cost. All these factors combined should give you peace of mind that you have hired the right company.

Castle Coatings Roughcasters Moray

Castle Coatings (Scotland) Ltd has a team of experienced and reliable roughcasters available for work across Moray. Given the high demand for good roughcasters due to a certain reputation within the industry we decided to focus on building a team made from some of the best roughcasters in Moray this also makes our company more of a one stop shop for all exterior home renovation needs. 

Many homeowners who get in touch with us have been let down by other roughcasters and need reliable company to come in and fix or finish their work. We can also advise if there are better options available to you.

Castle Coatings roughcasters serving Scotland

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Castle Coatings (Scotland) Ltd has a showroom in Stirling which mainly showcases Castle Roofline Ltd our sister company for windows & doors and uPVC roofline products. 

Feel free to visit our showroom to discuss your roughcasting needs, where you can see more examples of our work, discuss things in more detail and ask any questions that you may have.

Although located in Stirling, we have roughcasters and surveyors travelling across Scotland offering our services in Aberdeen, Angus, Argyll, Ayrshire, Clackmannanshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, East Renfrewshire, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Inverness, Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Moray, Perth & Kinross, Renfrewshire, Stirling, West Dunbartonshire and West Lothian.